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It's a Low-Stress Situation!

Welcome to the Whole Life Challenge. Joining one or more Groups can make the experience more fun, easier to stick with, and more community-building than playing alone. It's also fine if you prefer to play alone, but this article is to help players who need information on creating, sharing, joining, or leaving a Group.

Did you know - about 90% of Whole Life Challengers play on at least one group each Challenge?

You can be in as may Groups as you want. You might be in a private group of family members, friends, or co-workers. You can also be in public groups that are focused more on topics like running, the Paleo diet, recipes, or being a mom.

As you'll see, dealing with groups in the Whole Life Challenge is simple and easy once you know how, and there are no time limitations to join or leave any group. Like we said - a low-stress situation. Let's get started!

I Want to Join a Group I heard about, but I've Already Joined the Challenge

No problem! Once you reach your Game Dashboard, simply click the FIND A GROUP link on the righthand side of your screen under MY GROUPS. On mobile, select the left-facing arrow on the green Groups title bar to access the My Groups section. From there, you'll be able to search by group name, captain, another player on the team, location, or keyword(s).

Please note that keywords and location are only searchable for a given group if the captain has entered them.

You can join a Group at any time during the Challenge.

I Want to Join a Group Before I Sign Up

(AKA I have a join link - what do I do with it?) We appreciate your excitement! If you click on a join link that was shared to you by your group leader, you'll automatically be added to that group once your registration is complete. You will need to reach your game dashboard to see that you're on the team, though, so please complete the setup interview once you're logged in to the site.

In case you need it, you can click here to log in.

As soon as you get to your Game Dashboard, you'll be able to check to make sure you're in the group. The green Group title bar should show you the name of the group you just joined and you can also see a list of groups you are in under My Groups.

All the information you need about your team is right there under the Group name:

  • Your communication FEED
  • Your group's LEADERBOARD for the Challenge
  • Your group's MEMBERS
  • Any SUB-GROUPS your group leader has created (this will give you an additional leaderboard and communication feed just for that sub-group)
  • Official MEASUREMENTS your group leader may have created for your group
  • The ABOUT section

A Friend Sent Me a Group Join Link, but I'm already Registered!

Easy! Make sure you're logged in, then click the link. Follow the prompts, and you're in the group. You could also use the same search method outlined above and you wouldn't need the joining link at all, unless the group is private.

I Want to Create My Own Group

OK, awesome! Please start by clicking the CREATE A GROUP link. Enter the info in the fields, and you're done!

As you come up with ideas for Groups you’d like to be in, please search to make sure one doesn’t already exist before you start one of your own. 

We’d like to make sure that as many people as possible with the same interest are able to talk to each other and don’t have to join several groups to do it!

Now that you have a group of your own, click on the + INVITE link and share your new group on Facebook and/or grab a link to send to your friends, coworkers, or anybody you want to.

Maybe the Best Part About Groups

Groups don't disappear! If you join or create a Group, that Group will be there the next time you play the Challenge (as long as the owner kept it going). You don't need to create it or join it again.

A Note About Reflections

One of the 7 Daily Habits is Reflection. Each day, members of your group will enter a reflection with their daily score. If you're creating a small, private group for family and friends (or even a public game play related group), we recommend you select the option to ALLOW reflections to be posted in your group. This way, you can easily stay up to date with your group members' experience. 

If you are starting a public group that is dedicated to a particular topic, like running, recipes, or meditation, we recommend you select DON'T ALLOW. This way your communication feed can stay dedicated to the topic at hand without getting cluttered with posts that aren't relevant.

If you would like to partner with the Whole Life Challenge and become an affiliate, please email for all the details.

I Want to Leave a Group

You are free to leave any group at any time! Click the button at the top of the feed that says JOINED and you'll find the option to leave the group

I Need a Group, but I Don't Know Anyone Playing the Challenge

That's OK, the Whole Life Challenge is great for making new friends, friends who will support each other in positive ways.

You are  welcome to browse the group list by clicking on the FIND A GROUP link, and scrolling through the list and reading the descriptions. You can also search using keywords to narrow the group list down. Use words like running, diet, recipes, over 50 etc., to find groups you'd find relevant. Remember, you can join or leave groups at any time, so don't worry if you aren't sure about a group. You can change your mind.

We have set up a private Facebook page called the WLC Team Finder specifically to bring together players and team captains. There, you can read posts from team captains describing what the teams are about, read posts from other players looking for teams, and even gather together a team of your own if you wish.

I Want to Play the Challenge Alone

That is 100% OK. Many players prefer the solo approach and do very well with that approach. If you ever do decide you'd like to try being on a team, you are always welcome to join one.

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