How Many Points is a [Pizza, Sandwich, etc.]?

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Help! I ate a slice of pizza! Is that one point or THREE? Ice cream sundae? Sandwich?

What is One Serving?

Not all candy bars, pieces of pizza, or sodas are the same size. So what counts as a one point deduction, and what counts as more?

The answer really depends on you. What would YOU call one serving? If you normally drink six, 32-oz sodas per day, then perhaps a serving for you is one, 32-oz soda (we don’t recommend this, by the way, just explaining how the points work). By the same token if you normally don’t drink soda, or have just a few 12-ouncers each week, then one serving would be one, 12-oz soda… and in both cases… one serving is worth a 1-point deduction.

Now, the real question here is what serves YOU? If you feel, deep inside, that having a 32-oz (or large) soda should really be a bigger deduction than 1 point, then deduct as many points as YOU believe it should be worth.

We’d like to make the rule more black and white if we could. However,with the number of different sizes of foods, and the variety of sizes of human beings, the combinations are endless!

What About a Food (like a sandwich) with Multiple Non-Compliant Ingredients?

Any food item at a particular meal represents one mental (or emotional) decision made by you to eat it. So if you eat something that has multiple non-compliant ingredients (like a sandwich that has bread, cheese, and sugar in the ketchup), that even if eaten on their own would represent 3 lost points, that one item, representing one decision is only worth a 1 point deduction. (Remember that the same rule about serving size outlined above still applies.)

Now… use your best judgment here too, and consider what serves you. If YOU think that your decision should be worth a bigger deduction than 1 point, even though the rule clearly states that that particular choice is only a one point deduction, then you should deduct the number that you believe serves you best. 

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